New to Blogging

Hello Everyone!

This is my first official blog post ever.

I currently teach in a Pre-K classroom, so I come home with lots of stories and new ideas on what to teach about. The main thing I want my students to understand is that I want them to enjoy learning. I am not the typical teacher that teaches everything by the book. I want my students to learn, but enjoy doing it. This week we are working with a robotic device called a BeeBot. My classroom teaches about STEAM, so BeeBots fall under the technology and engineering parts.

The BeeBots are devices that the children are able to program, and the robots move according to the patterns. Since beginning with the BeeBots, the children have been able to:

  • Create maps for the bots
  • Create mazes with blocks
  • Build the bots homes
  • Measure how far a bot goes after putting in a pattern
  • etc

The bots are a hit in my classroom, and if you are looking for something new to try the BeeBots may be a good place.

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